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Would you like to trade some cryptocurrencies? You are not the only one who wants to jump on the cryptocurrency bandwagon. After the success enjoyed by Bitcoin investors in the last few years, many people have taken an interest in this new commodity and want to take advantage of its potential. There is absolutely no harm in doing that and it is not very difficult to do so, thanks to the internet. The question is where do you get started? You will first need to find a cryptocurrency broker because they will provide you with the platform, cryptocurrencies and tools needed for trading.

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Here, you have to be very careful and proceed with caution because there have been some scams in the crypto market. People lost hundreds of thousands of their money due to them and you don’t want to be a victim of one. Your aim should be to find a trustworthy broker that can also offer you everything you need for achieving your cryptocurrency goals. RoyalCBank will be able to assist you in this regard. This broker was established by a team with firsthand experience in the industry and so they were able to use this knowledge to create the best possible broker.

The good thing about RoyalCBank is that it is also registered with the Financial Commission, which means it is regulated and has to follow certain rules and guidelines. The FinaCom can also step in for resolving any disputes you may have with this broker. How else does RoyalCBank help you? Read on to know:

  • It makes registration easy

One of the first things that you will notice about RoyalCBank is that the broker has ensured that signing up with them is easy for everyone. Whether you are a newbie or someone with experience in the trading world, registration is pretty straightforward. You have to provide the basics including your name, email address, number, and date of birth, password and the asset you want to trade. You are registered immediately and can move onto creating an account.

  • It has plenty of account options

When it comes to opening an account, again RoyalCBank has done things right. They have added a total of six account options, which is twice than what other brokers will offer you. The minimum deposit requirements of these accounts vary, starting at $250. This gives you plenty of room to choose an account you are most comfortable with. As far as the currency is concerned, you can deposit in EURO, GBP or USD, as per your convenience. The account options are basic, beginner, medium, advanced, pro and VIP. A welcome bonus is offered with every account, along with 24/6 customer support, access to education center, price alerts, trading signals and plenty of other features.

  • It offers numerous cryptocurrencies

Even though Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency that was introduced, there have been many that came after it and have also become quite profitable. However, there are also those that don’t do so well. Some only last for a few weeks or for a few months. You don’t want to risk your money in such options and so RoyalCBank ensures that you won’t have to. They offer only those cryptocurrencies that are profitable and solid. Their experts do proper research to check every cryptocurrency and add the ones that are viable. Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum are only some of the options you can enjoy.

  • It gives you convenient banking options

You would obviously need money to trade in the crypto market and in order to add funds to your account with the broker, you have to use one of their banking options. RoyalCBank has been thorough here as well because they offer you plenty of options to choose from. They have ensured that depositing and withdrawing money is easy for every trader. You can use the traditional option of bank wire transfer or opt for the convenience of credit or debit card, both Visa and MasterCard. It is also possible to use cryptocurrency as an option. There is a minimum withdrawal limit of $100 and the charges applicable will depend on the method you choose.

  • It allows you to tap into others’ knowledge and expertise

One of the most unique things about RoyalCBank is that this cryptocurrency broker gives you the option of reaching out to their experts and specialists. You can tap into their skills and knowledge for making better and profitable trades in the market. Since they have all the necessary experience and information, they can help you in avoiding many mistakes and develop a profitable strategy. If you don’t want to trade actively, you can even give them control of your account. They will trade on your behalf and you will be able to increase your profits.

  • It has great customer support

An excellent way of judging any broker is to see what kind of customer support they provide. If they value their clients, they will offer several options through which they can be reached. RoyalCBank wishes to ensure 100% customer satisfaction and so they have provided multiple channels that can be used to get in touch with them. You can contact them via live chat, go with email or even call them up if needed. There is also a comprehensive FAQ section where you can find answers to common problems.


RoyalCBank not only offers you the aforementioned features, the broker has some other elements that make it right solution for anyone interested in crypto trading. It has top notch security, given the sensitive nature of trading, various trading tools to make trades profitable and boasts an education center that can provide valuable information. The cost of trading is also low and the trading platform is versatile and powerful, thereby making RoyalCBank the best broker for achieving crypto trading goals.

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