PrimeOakmont Review – Top Reasons to Select this Broker

PrimeOakmont Review

If you have come to this PrimeOakmont review, then there is a good chance that you are confused about choosing a good broker for trading in the financial markets. With thousands of platforms offering their services, people are often left flummoxed and unable to decide which one to opt for. Every single one of these brokerages promise you the ultimate trading experience, but there will always be some things they don’t tell you. So, why should you prefer one option over the others? There need to be some good and solid reasons for you to do so and this also applies to PrimeOakmont.

This is a Bitcoin-based platform that was launched in 2013 and its addition of digital assets and other features have helped PrimeOakmont enjoy a significant boost in popularity. It has quickly expanded to 150 countries around the globe and is catering to all types of traders. But, why should you prefer it over others? Let’s check out the top reasons to do so below:

Reason 1: A wide range of instruments 

The first and most notable reason for anyone to sign up at PrimeOakmont is that it offers traders access to a wide range of instruments. Many people are confused because they think that since it is a Bitcoin-based platform, it only gives you access to the cryptocurrency market. Yes, it is true that you can trade digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin on this platform, but this is not all.

Access to various markets is possible at PrimeOakmonst because they are offering a wide range of instruments that belong to the different global financial markets in the world. You can choose instruments from the forex, commodities, indices and stock markets as well and this provides traders the chance to diversify their portfolio, which can combat the trading risks.

Reason 2: Attention to security 

One of the top reasons for people to opt for PrimeOakmont as their brokerage is because of their attention to security. They have gone to great lengths to ensure that their clients do not have to constantly worry about their online safety and security. First off, they use 2FA (two-factor authentication) for protecting your trading account, so no one without authorization can access it. Likewise, they use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption for protecting all data that their clients share.

As far as protecting your funds is concerned, they maintain segregated accounts for keeping all client deposits, which means they are not mixed with company funds. Cold storage is used at PrimeOakmont for keeping all digital assets to keep them safe. They also comply with KYC (Know-Your-Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) rules for verifying every account and this can reduce the risk of identity theft, financial fraud and money laundering. 

Reason 3: Easy sign up process

The sign up process at PrimeOakmont is another reason to consider their platform because it is quick and simple. There is only one form on their website that you have to complete and it doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes because very basic information is needed. The details include first name, last name, email address and password and also your phone number and country of residence. Agree with their Terms and Conditions, confirm you are 18 and not a US citizen and the process is over. 

Reason 4: 24/5 customer support

If there is another good reason for you to prefer PrimeOakmont as your broker, it should be their round-the-clock and professional customer support. They understand the needs of their client and offer dedicated technical as well as general support to help them trade smoothly. You will be able to reach out to their support staff 24/5 by giving them a call on the numbers given. Separate email addresses are also provided for technical as well as general support and an online contact form can also be filled out.


These are some excellent reasons for you to consider PrimeOakmost as your partner during your foray into the financial markets. 

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