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Mobatrade Review

Mobatrade logoThere are many ways online brokers can impress you with their trading features. Some would rely on bonuses while other would talk about how their platform is the most beautiful and innovative out there.

However, you can’t make up your mind and sign up with a company based on only a couple of great features. You have to look for the whole package. More importantly, you should look for the features that play a huge role in a trader’s life. I was able to find such a platform and thought a Mobatrade review would be great to tell others about it.

I think this broker has completely walked away from trivial features and focused solely on things that bring value to the career of a trader. Let me explain that in detail in this Moba Trade review.

Mobatrade website

Hundreds of Markets

Trade the way you want and don’t be worried about any limitations when you have so many markets to explore. Are you interested in forex currency pairs because you always wanted to trade GBP, EUR, or USD? Do you think you can predict companies’ performances better with their yearly revenues and want to invest in stocks?

Are you more comfortable with the idea of combining many stocks in one place and trade them as indices? Perhaps, you think crypto trading is the way to go? No matter your preferences, broker provides you with some great markets that you can explore whenever you want.

It just as great a crypto trading platform as it is a forex or stocks trading platform. Moba Trade trading firm offers you hundreds of assets, lets you try hedging and other risk management trading strategies, and do much more when you join it.

Trading Conditions You Can Admire

The next most important thing for a trader is the trading conditions they will have to experience when they trade. The term trading conditions can include a lot of things, but I think fees, spreads, and leverage are the most important components of it. Firstly, you will not have to deal with any hidden fees when you sign up with trading platform.

You won’t pay commissions on your deposits and withdrawals either. Furthermore, any trader who signs up with this broker can leverage their trades with ease. It doesn’t matter whether you are interested in crypto trading or commodities trading, the broker has arranged leverage for every trader no matter the account they pick.

I also have to mention that the leverage from the broker isn’t small at all. It is quite big and gets even better as you go from basic to advanced trading accounts. Lastly, the spreads are small, favoring traders who sign up and trade on this platform. You don’t pay a premium to sign up with this broker, which is what you do when you sign up and trade on other platforms that charge you a huge amount on every trade you pull off.

Mobatrade suitable trading conditions

Customer Service as Promised

The company promises you great customer service and delivers it. You can agree with its promise when you consider the fact that you can talk to the customer support agents through multiple channels. You can email them and get a response in 24 hours or you can call them on the phone line. You also have the live chat feature that allows you to message a real person and engage in a conversation with them through a live chat window.

The professionals serving customers are very knowledgeable and they are there to help you with your queries 24/5.

Final Thoughts

I always tell traders that they should focus on the trading features that will really impact their trades on a daily basis rather than looking at features that benefit them only once. I think this broker has gone only for the features that affect traders every day. If you want to know more about it, I encourage you to check out Mobatrade’s website and know more about its online trading services.

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