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Gtlot Review

There was a time when algorithmic trading was only an option for institutional traders because they had the funds to afford these programs and software. It was not only expensive, but also limited in number. But, over the years and with further advancement, algorithmic trading has gotten better and more accessible. These days, there are brokers such as Gtlot that have enabled individual and retail investors to reap the benefits associated with algorithmic trading platforms. Put simply, Gtlot is a cryptocurrency trading signals platform, which offers its users signals for different markets such as stocks, commodities, indices, cryptocurrency and Forex.

Traders have the option of using these signals to formulate their own algorithmic strategies or they can also take advantage of the platform’s Automated Trading System, or ATS, and have a robot make automatic trades on their behalf. The problem with the first option is that it requires people to have at least some basic knowledge of trading and the market in which they are participating whereas going for the automated option means that you don’t have to have any background, whatsoever. The ATS introduced by Gtlot is quite popular also because it is used by a number of investors and traders who are just pursuing trading as a hobby or a secondary job.

Since they have a primary job, they have to deal with plenty of constraints in terms of time and effort. In such a situation, the Automated Trading System can be quite beneficial because it can be used to make trades on a trader’s behalf and saves them considerable time and effort. Even though it was developed in 2008, the Automated Trading System (ATS) was not introduced to private clients until 2012. This is primarily because Gtlot wished to ensure the effectiveness of the system and tested it out in various markets before deeming it suitable.



Automated Trading System

Whether you are an experienced or an inexperienced investor, the Automated Trading System gives you the power of using an algorithmic financial instrument. Thus, they have access to a system that can be used for making profitable trades in various markets in the long run and help in doubling their investment. One of the best things about the ATS is that it has been designed to make trades automatically, which means that it can work 24 hours a day and can be used five days in a week. In simple terms, the Automated Trading System by Gtlot is a proven and successful method for making investments in different financial markets.

Since it has been designed by some of the best programmers, seasoned financial experts and the most skilled mathematicians in the world, the ATS proprietary trading software is able to provide such impressive results to its users. These individuals didn’t just use their experience and knowledge when developing the system, but also ran it through a wide array of tests to work out any kinks. In this way, they were able to develop a reliable and capable algorithmic trading system that can be used by aspiring traders all over the globe.

As it has been put through some very rigorous testing procedures, the Automated Trading System by Gtlot doesn’t suffer from any interruptions or lags. It doesn’t need any sort of human interference or intervention and can run round the clock quite efficiently. Since it has been in use for a number of users in various markets, traders can use it confidently for their trading needs and generate consistent returns in the long run.

Online Web Trading

Another perk that people appreciate when they opt for Gtlot’s ATS is that it doesn’t require any complex installation or downloads; you can use the free software by signing up on the website.

You need to create an account on the Gtlot website by providing some of your personal details and then you will be able to access the software. You can log onto your account anywhere and enjoy a secure connection. It is also possible for a trader to view the activity of their account in real time because Gtlot has provided its clients with complete control and transparency over their activities. You can view the statistical data on every transaction that you have made through your account as per your convenience. Other than that, you can also enjoy access to some of the most innovative and sophisticated algorithmic summarization and charts.

The good thing about using Gtlot’s Automated Trading Software is that you can generate considerable return on your investment without having to put the same amount of effort or time. Most of the heavy lifting will be done by the software as it is working round the clock to manage and execute your trades. The only time it doesn’t work is on the weekends. As it makes the trades 24 hours a day, a lot of the risk is minimized because bad trades can be closed immediately.

Around the Clock Trading

Moreover, no time is wasted because the program doesn’t need to take breaks or sleep. However, one of the most prominent benefits of relying on Gtlot’s proprietary trading software is that it is not subject to any emotional constraints. The biggest downside of human intervention is that people often make decisions based on their feelings of panic or fear and this can often lead to losses. The Automated Trading System is based on an algorithm and is not hampered by any such issues, which enables it to make trades objectively with the goal of making a profit.

Automatic Stop-Loss

In order to ensure this happens, the Automated Trading System by Gtlot will not open a trade unless it has filtered all parameters. An Automatic Stop-Loss is also applicable for keeping the losses at a minimum and trades are opened and closed in a matter of seconds. You can expect to get returns of around 2 to 3 percent on a monthly basis because the ATS is able to make anywhere between 5 to 10 transactions every day, resulting it 24 percent to 36 percent annual returns.

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