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FinexArena Review

Researches conducted have analyzed various aspects of cryptocurrency and gained insight into its market and potential evolution. As per the findings, cryptocurrencies are here to stay as they represent innovation and technology. Therefore, digital currency holds the future of modern banking and transactions. Being the most unregulated, decentralized, and volatile currency, Cryptocurrency traders are faced with pressing challenges of joining a crypto brokerage firm that is simple to navigate, transparent,  free from fraudulent, and can offer quality and reliable Cryptocurrency services.


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As a trader, there is a need to choose a genuine and reliable brokerage firm that is secure for trading. However, there is always a challenge in choosing one because of how they are many in the market. Most of the traders get confused and end up landing in the hands of scammers as everybody looks as good as everyone else. This is risky bearing in mind that the number of scams and fraudulent schemes is increasing day in day out. Considering these factors traders and investors have to be extra cautious when choosing their brokerage partners so as to prevent them from falling victims. FinexArena is slowly taking a course to be one the most preferred option among traders and investors.

FinexArena is leading trading platform that mainly focuses on Cryptocurrency and Forex broker. It is among the largest and fast-growing brokers that have a range of innovative investment and trading tools. FinexArena has been a leader in the global Fintech revolution since 2009 when it began as a Venture capital funds manager and opened to the public in 2012. This online brokerage offers the best trading services as well as unique benefits that can never be found in any other brokerage firm. These trading services include the provision of flexible trading conditions that enable traders to access markets of their wish across the world.

Like any other crypto-trading platform, FinexArena is licensed to run as a regulated trading platform by a leading regulatory body.  The idea of establishing this firm was realized by a group of experts that were drawn from different fields. They came together with an aim of contributing their expertise towards a common goal of creating this leading online broker. Up to date, their resources, experience, and expertise have played a great role in building FinexArena to become what it is today.  As a result, the firm has been accepted globally hence coming out as one of the renowned trading platforms for investors and traders.

Exceptional Features of FinexArena

Multiple Trading Platforms

Another great feature of FinexArena is that it offers access to multiple trading platforms. The trader is only required to choose one option among the three that are offered by the brokerage firm. All these options can be accessed by the standard medium of accessing internet such as mobile devices and computers. This is to mean that one can start trading in different financial markets worldwide through a mobile application. Similarly, you can become a web trader. FinexArena offers another exceptional option that enables traders to trade on MetaTrader4. Just like FinexArena, MetaTrader4 usually comes with a web and mobile version that is universal to all traders. This feature makes it an outstanding choice for both beginners and skilled traders.

Several Methods of Payments

The main objective of FinexArena is to serve traders with the most convenient and comfortable way possible. One of these ways includes the provision of several methods of payments which includes the use of bank transfers, debit and credit cards. All these methods are liable to make their deposits and withdrawals.

There are other more than 20 digital methods that traders can use carrying out deposits and withdrawals. However, details about these digital methods have not been disclosed due to various reasons. The major reason for not releasing these details is because some of them are in piloting mode, while others are new and have not been used. Similarly, traders can use Blockchain transfers as the accounts provide a Bitcoin deposit option.

Wide-Ranging Security Structure

Trading online is one of the biggest risks that one can partake in. This is because of the vulnerability of the user’s personal and financial information. Once the trader puts the data in the platform, there are chances that it can be accessed by a third party through hacking. This is the major reason why many traders vacillate giving out their information.

However, FinexArena is aware that security of the users’ information is paramount and thus it has deployed experts and security experts in creating security policies that are secure and safe. Encryption elements such as firewalls are installed to add up the security of their systems. Generally, they use top encryption levels that prevent illegal and unauthorized access to their data thus guaranteeing the safety of users’ information. On the other hand, funds are kept in isolated accounts that are operated by top investment banks around the world.

Excellent and Reliable Customer Service

FinexArena has availed a lot of resources to cater for a good and convenient customer support. Occasionally, most of the buying decisions are dependent on the quality of the customer care service that is provided. Consequently, FinexArena has adopted a strong customer care support system that can be used for inquiry and assistance by the users anytime. Their customer service is available fulltime, all day all night. They can be reached through a phone call, social media platforms, emails, and text messages. The customer care agents on the other end are friendly and devoted to giving accurate and meticulous answers to the problems of the traders. They extend to offer required guidance regarding their platform or the general market.

Affiliate Program

The FinexArena affiliate program program that was established as a marketing tool aimed at helping the firm reach more users. It is more of a promotional campaign where every single deposit that is made by a direct referral earns a commission of 10%. With this program, one can earn commissions worth thousands of dollars by just requesting people to sign up the platform. Furthermore, all the clients that are referred by your direct referral, earn you a commission of 3% after any full transaction that involves own deposits. Therefore this program can be a source of income.

Trading In Several Markets

FinexArena gives traders an opportunity of venturing into different markets through one platform. The firm is exposed and has extensive networks across global financial markets. This means that, as a trader, you can start trading Cryptocurrencies, commodities, Forex, indicates, and stock as soon as you join the platform and make use of the networks.

Accessibility of Educational Materials

The biggest factor that can differentiate between a successful and unsuccessful trader is their level of understanding and offering a solution to various problems that arise within a business. Traders who may have acquired education have the ability to make right and informed decisions that contribute largely to determining the success of a business. A successful business means more profits! On the other hand, traders who have inadequate education suffer major losses due to insufficient trading knowledge.

FinexArena has considered this challenge and offered a platform where traders can expand their knowledge. This platform concentrates on providing in-depth materials and resources that cover various trading topics and markets. These materials come in form of e-books, videos, and webinars and all are prepared by experts from various fields such as the financial market. The information contained in these educational materials are valuable as they help experts and amateurs in learning new strategies and trading styles.

User-Friendly Interface

The biggest challenge that is faced by top trading platforms is the complexity of their interface. Most of them are hard to comprehend and use, and therefore traders take a lot of time trying to overcome the learning curve that is created by the menace. Nevertheless, FinexArena has a different story to tell as it has an established, simple and user-friendly interface that is easily navigated by both beginners and skilled traders. Everything with this platform is straightforward and direct.

This interface offers several languages apart from English for convenience and benefit of traders across the world. It has everything in its respective section, a feature that has enabled traders to navigate easily in the world of FinexArena and attain their own stride.

Registration to this interface is also very simple. The first step involves a straightforward process of signing up. Here, you’re are only required to choose the type of account that you would want to run. The process is following by other few steps, and you are done.

Contract for Difference (CFD)

The FinexArena trading platform provides its clients with a software known as Contract for Difference (CFD) Trading Platform. This software is very useful in Cryptocurrency and Forex trading as it enables users to manage and execute their trade activities smoothly. It also provides a unique feature that offers other currencies such as Singapore and Hong Kong dollars, Turkish Lira, South African Rand, and CFDs. All these currencies are used for trading platinum, silver, gold, indices, stocks, and beverages like wheat, corn, and coffee.

FinexArena Accounts

FinexArena offers freedom to the traders to choose the type of account to sign up for. The choice is dependent on the experience level of the trader and the kind of a risk taker one is. The beginner and silver accounts have fewer risks options because they require a little amount of minimum deposit making them ideal for starters. Other accounts require huge minimum deposits, which poses a big risk thus being primarily for skilled and experienced traders.

FinexArena being a comprehensive and complete trading solution it provides various types of accounts that are not common to other brokers. They include:

  • Basic account. This type of account is mainly meant for novice traders who are gaining their entry into the trading world for the first time. The minimum amount of deposit for this account is £500 thus a better option for beginners. The account holder gets access to daily market review, junior account manager for two weeks, trading signals, trading sessions two times a month, trading alerts, and advanced charts. Customer support is always available full time on all weekdays. Also, 10% leverage and 30% loyalty bonus, as well as partial access to educational materials, is given.
  • Silver account. This is the most convenient account for traders and investors who have some experience in the world of trading. It has a minimum deposit limit of about £2,500. Most of its features are drawn from the basic account although with some added perks. The silver account has 20% leverage with trading sessions availed to the account holder for two times a week instead of two times a month as witnessed in most the other accounts.
  • Gold account. This particular type of account requires a minimum deposit limit of about £10,000. This is suitable and right for the traders and investors who have some seasoning. This account offers a leverage of about 30% and exclusive access to exclusive webinars and updates and comprehensive access to all educational materials. Traders and investors can have both senior and junior account managers as well as getting trading signals two times a day instead of the normal one time. The trading sessions for this account are conducted three times a week.
  • Platinum account. This account is mainly run by investors and traders who have become experts in trading and appreciate the features that are offered by FinexArena. Investment for this account begins at £50,000 in which the loyalty bonus is increased up to 40%. This percentage also represents the leverage. Trading signals for the platinum account are checked at least three times a day. Here, there is no limit to the number of trading sessions that traders can enjoy. They can receive as many as they want.
  • Diamond account. Here, the account is operated by expert traders who feel that they are ready to be professionals. The minimum deposit limit is £250,000. The account holder gets a loyalty bonus that is boosted up to 50%. The same percentage applies to the leverage. Most of the activities in this account are unlimited.

All the above features make FinexArena one of the best choices for traders who aspire to have a reliable trading platform.


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