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It is everyone’s dream to lean towards the path of success by putting measures in place that can help them achieve their goal. As you strive to succeed, several other limiting factors may hinder your success growth. One of the successes limiting factor that is high on the list of most people is the inability to access the right information. The difference between succeeding and failing may be attributed to the level of knowledge at your disposal.

Getting the wrong information is far worse than having no access to information because you may be moved to take the wrong step, which may result in severe outcomes. One way you can get the right knowledge to enhance your financial growth is by reading fair and objective trading reviews like the one you are currently reading. It may interest you to know that investing in cryptocurrency may be a way for you to attain financial freedom. It is no longer news that cryptocurrencies are reshaping the way we do business. 

Many businesses now accept crypto coins as a medium of exchange while several airlines and online stores allow their customers to pay for services with cryptocurrencies. These digital coins can be traded in the block chain industry with the potential of generating income for traders. There are a variety of trading platforms that allows traders to access the crypto market and place their trades while expecting a positive outcome.

Cryptocurrency trading is highly profitable if you have the right knowledge of the appropriate trading strategy to use at specific times. Having access to a highly functional trading platform may also go a long way in promoting trade optimization. Fin-Toward is a cryptocurrency trading platform that is poised to offer traders a unique trading experience.

Fin-Toward website screenshot
Fin-Toward website screenshot

Is the Fin-Toward trading platform the right choice?

To find out if a trading platform is right for you is an important step that every prospective trader must take to ensure they are on the right path. In the case of the Fin-Toward broker, we shall be analyzing the various features and tools that are embedded in the website to find out if they are effective. The broker has put several security measures in place to help protect user funds and data, which further adds credence to their credibility as a trading platform. The website indicates that a trader has to be above 18 years before being allowed to open an account.

Investment Plans

Fin-Toward has several investment plans that are suitable for different categories of traders, which largely depend on each trader’s preference and their investment capital. Even if you do not have any basic knowledge about trading, you may still fit into any of the financial plans. To choose a preferred investment plan, you may contact your manager. The following are the investment plans for traders on the platform:

Family Plan

The family plan is another investment plan that you may decide to choose. When opening a family plan, each family member’s financial capacity, investment prospects, experience, and capability is taken into consideration.

The broker claims to provide full optimization of the plan so that every family member may be included and carried along in the decision-making process. You may be able to tailor this investment plan to suit your long or short term investment and financial goal and ensure full participant which may enhance the income growth of your family.

Secondary Income Plan

A secondary income plan on the Fin-Toward trading platform may be suitable for individuals who may be seeking to make extra income. You may reach out to your account manager for advice on how you can effectively manage your secondary income plan. The broker may make calculations to be able to project an estimated secondary income for you based on your investment potential, your investment goal, and your level of experience.  

Retirement Plan

The retirement plan is another investment plan that is available to investors on the Fin-Toward trading platform. It is suitable for individuals who.may be above 50 years of age. Planning for your retirement is necessary. With a retirement plan, the broker may guide you through each investment stage to help you maximize your earning potential. 

The plan may also suit those persons with little or no experience level in trading. Your account manager and market analyst may assist you in growing your income irrespective of your investment capital.

Vacation Plan

The Fin-Toward trading platform uses this investment channel to assist traders in fulfilling their desires of having that vacation of their dreams. The vacation plan may also cover other aspects such as purchasing a real estate, luxury goods, cars, or any other item, whether tangible or intangible. It is left for you to indicate your investment objective to enable the broker to develop a unique plan that may suit your need. You may be able to realize your dream with that of your family through the guidance of your account manager.

VIP Plan

The VIP Plan may attract the highest quality of service and additional tools that may be tailored to a VIP like you. Your premium investment plan may also come with premium services that may allow you to carry out all types of transactions. You may be offered exclusive and preferential treatment if you are opting you are opting for a VIP investment plan. Technical issues or other forms of complaints may be treated with a high sense of urgency.

Types of Accounts

The Fin-Toward trading platform offers traders an opportunity to choose from seven different types of accounts. Each account may be tailored to meet the needs of each investor and is based on the investment capital and investment level. The seven categories of Fin-Toward investment platform include the following:

  • Basic Account

The basic account as it is called is the least account that you can operate on the Fin-Toward trading platform. Basic account holders are deposit a minimum of 250 as investment capital. You may have access to a basic form of leverage trading, an account manager, and a platform introduction resource. It is suitable for traders with no trading experience.

  • Bronze Account

The Bronze account is the second Fin-Toward account category. The minimum deposit is 3500, and you may have access to a basic leverage trading, bonus, basic education session, and a financial analyst. Inexperienced traders may also operate a Bronze account.

  • Silver Account

The silver account is suitable for traders with a fair knowledge about how trading is carried out in the crypto market. Traders may be able to open a silver account with a minimum of 15,000. Offers on this account may include access to a financial analyst, standard leverage trading, four risk-free trades that are insured, investment and financial plan, company financing plus bonus, standard leverage trading, and standard sessions for education purposes.

  • Gold Account

Traders operating a gold account have to make the least deposit of 40,000 which may come with several additional benefits. They include an advanced form of leverage trading, advanced education, eight different insured risk-free trades, investment and financial plan, company financing plus bonus and access to a financial analyst.

  • Platinum Account

The platinum account is another category of Fin-Toward account that allows traders to deposit a minimum of 100,000. It is suitable for those with a high experience level, and it comes with several outstanding features such as premium investment and financial plan. It also includes premium contracts that are pre-ordered, advanced leverage trading, sixteen risk-free and insured trades, senior financial experts, and trading signals.

  • Pro Account

The pro Fin-Toward account is reserved for professionals who are well experienced in trading cryptocurrencies. You may require a minimum of 250,000 as your trade margin before operating a pro account. You may have access to a premium leverage trading option, trade signals, premium customer support, exclusive pre-ordered contracts, order execution notifications, and a premium form of leverage trading.

  • VIP Account

A VIP account is the final account type you will find on the platform. However, the broker requests that you contact the company for further information on how to operate this account.

Banking Activities on the Fin-Toward trading platform


According to the broker, there are a lot of different ways how you can fund your account while trading on the Fin-Toward platform. To fund your account, you can use different popular and secure payment methods. Fin-Toward uses only the most reliable and convenient transfer options to ensure clients’ comfort. All the financial communication channels are completely secured by a highly advanced encryption system. Such systems make any information unobtainable and inaccessible for third parties. Security systems are constantly updated to keep up with industry standards.

You will find the most suitable and common payment options enabled on the platform.


If you want to withdraw funds from your Fin-Toward trading account, you may need to select the Withdrawal button after logging into your Fin-Toward account. Enter your preferred withdrawal amount in the field provided for that purpose. Complete the other required fields and proceed to confirm your transaction. You can request a withdrawal in the most convenient form for You. The transaction will be carried out to the destination that you will mention in the required fields.

When you request for fund withdrawal, your request may be checked, after that, you will be swiftly informed about the status of the transaction. The broker may carry out some background checks to verify that there are no issues. It may take between 1-15 business days for your withdrawals to be processed.


The Fin-Toward trading platform is one you may trust to offer you a seamless trading experience. The main advantage of Fin-Toward is the possibility to fully customize your investment account according to your goals and comfort. This broker went far to ensure that every trader is treated with individual care. The choice of your investment structure is always up to you. It is built individually to satisfy your needs. It does not matter if you are an experienced trader or a new investor, if you are looking for a high-quality service, Fin-Toward is the choice for You.

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