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Coins Capital Review

Coins Capital logoThere are many industries around the world that are growing bigger and more profitable over time. But there is no other industry as big as online trades. It has been expanding tremendously, but there is a catch to it, it is being filled up with medium- to low-level trading firms. There is a great need for firms that stand out among these firms with the services and utilities they offer.

My Coins Capital review is about the firm that is offering such utilities and services, making it stand out among other platforms.

Multiple Trading Instruments

In the online trading industry, when most of the trading firms are limiting their traders to a handful of instruments for trades, the Coins Capital broker is taking things to the next level. It is offering you so many trading assets that you will never lose interest in trading.

Do not think that forex, stocks, commodities, indices, and crypto trading are just five instruments. These instruments are sub-categorized into hundreds of assets.

You can pick the asset you like and start performing your trades. You can even start trading multiple assets in a single attempt to increase your portfolio.

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Trading Accounts Are More Than One

In the CoinsCapital review, I will also talk about the trading accounts that are available through the CoinsCapital broker. Most of the time, people tend to go for the minimum deposit options.

By doing that, they limit their trading capabilities based on their trading level. If they are experienced, they can go for a higher trading account with Coins Capital.

The broker offers you this option based on your trading experience, unlike other trading firms, who tend to offer a single most basic account.

Coins Capital Trading Platform Is Multi-Functional

One of the most significant features of my review is the trading platform that the Coins Capital trading firm has to offer. The platform has been made exclusively to fulfill your trading needs.

The platform lets you trade multiple assets and access hundreds of trading markets. Through the platform, you have access to trading signals, historical data, the latest reports, market news, trading charts, automated trading, leveraged trading, and many more options.

You are not bound to a single operating system or a station when trading with the Coins Capital trading firm because it is available through the web browser.

Coins Capital trading platform

Want To Make A Deposit?

If you are interested to join the trading platform at this point, you can start by choosing an account and making the minimum deposit. You can use your credit card or debit card by Visa/Mastercard, go with the bank wire transfer, or with a cryptocurrency wallet to do that.

You can simply use the same options when proceeding with a withdrawal. The time that it takes for the withdrawal to be processed is 7 to 10 working days.

Transaction Safety And Regulatory Adherence

There are some people who tend to claim that every trading firm is a fraud and a scam. They like to place labels on every trading firm they find and have placed the same “Coins Capital scam” label on the broker.

Although the broker has not issued any statement in its defense but the services it offers verify its authenticity as a licensed broker. The platform shrugs off the CoinsCapital scam label with the acquisition of the SSL Security Certification and by adhering to the KYC and AML policies.

It tends to secure every transaction with encryptions so no one apart from the authorized personnel can access the transactions. As for regulatory compliance, the firm is strict when adhering to the KYC and AML regulations.

If you can adhere to these policies, then you can be part of Coins Capital.

Multiple Support Channels

If the scam perception has made a place inside your mind as well, it should be cleared with this. The support landline, email, and chat support channels take you to some of the most experienced and highly professional individuals.

They are well-trained in the customer satisfaction sector and are capable of solving your problems in a short amount of time. The support channels are open 24/7, so you can reach out to them anytime you like.

Coins Capital support channel

Ending Thoughts

If you find a trading service platform that is making its name in the industry, then it is important you take a close look at it. If the platform is not making huge profiting promises, but it’s still growing in size, then it might be the right one.

Still, it is important you do all your research before you go with the platform.

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