BTC Sell Pressure Could Reach Zero As Grayscale Unlocks 16,000 Bitcoin

Owner of the renowned news outlet Forbes and a magnate in the financial industry, Steve Forbes doesn’t seem to have a lot of positive opinions about Bitcoin.

The sellers could flush out on the largest unlocking day from the marketplace leading to the bullish trend and volatility. Large instituitions that have invested in Bitcoin are in the limelight since the closing in substantial cashout day sparks rumors of the latest price volatility for the digital currency.

Prominent Twitter pundit, Loomdart along with some others noted that this week, heed moves to concentrating on sellers and buyers of the GBTC also known as the Grayscale BTC Trust as the BTC looms around the $40k mark.

Bitcoin price likely to fluctuate in July

The institutional juggernaut in the BTC world, GBTC claims more than $24b in AUM. According to the report by Cointelegraph the company operates by periodically closing, which in the year 2021 have coexisted with the company’s discounted buy-in price trading in comparison with the spot price.

This negative Grayscale Bitcoin Trust premium has created a substantial talking point on its own, since the invested capital is locked for a specific period of time and later on released, enabling the investors to take advantage at a specific time subject to when the investors have bought in.

A blend of negative GBTC premium respective to spot and a big unleashing of funds equates that the upcoming month will be very interesting for the digital currency price movement. When something like this happened before it meant an increase in volatility for the digital currency.

The 19th of June, 2021, will witness the largest unlocking day as Bitcoin worth $627m could be released on the day.

Bucking a diminishing trend

The upcoming opportunity provides the prominent Twitter pundit, Loomdart an opportunity to stabilize the selling pressure currently mounted over Bitcoin. In the process leading the path for Bitcoin bulls to break the persistent resistance marks.

The future movement could blow a breath of fresh air for the bearish market trend envisioned on big institutional markets, as the interest in the digital currency plummets compared to when the price dip of May was not witnessed yet.

CryptoQuant, an on-chain data resource, noted that the downfall of interest in Bitcoin from last week came simultaneously with a substantial decline in the total Bitcoin transaction amount.

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