“Regulated or Not, Bitcoin Remains the Best Long-Term Investment Vehicle”, Advises Suze Orman

Suze Orman has been advising investors how they can invest their funds into Bitcoin and make most of the returns. She is not at all influenced by the ongoing discussion regarding Bitcoin’s regulation. Her focus is towards informing the clients that whether Bitcoin is regulated or not, it will continue to remain as the best investment vehicle for long-term strategy.

On Monday, 14th June 2021, Suze Orman was interviewed by CNBC wherein she was asked to elaborate her viewpoint regarding Bitcoin. Orman, who is the founder of her own financial group, had successfully hosted a show where financials and investments were discussed. The show continued to be hosted at CNBC for more than 13 years. Apart from being one of the most notable personal finance advisers, she had authored various books. Most of the books authored by Orman acclaimed global appreciation and named “best sellers” as well. US’s top magazine, Time, also referred to her as one of the most influential people in the world twice. She also got the chance to educate the US Army on the subject of personal finance. A number of awards such as Gracie and Emmy have also been acclaimed by Orman over the years.

During the interview, she said that throughout her career she has never seen an asset like Bitcoin. She said there are reasons why she is fond of Bitcoin. One of the reasons she discussed was for long-term investment strategy, Bitcoin is the best option for people over 50-years old. But she has does not regard Bitcoin as a “currency” instead puts it in the category of “assets”.

In her book titled “The Ultimate Retirement Guide for 50+,” she wrote that Bitcoin investors must hold their coins for a long-term basis. She discouraged investors that they should not invest in Bitcoin on a short-term basis. She emphasized that if investors are okay with losing money, then she wouldn’t mind if the investment is on a short-term basis as well.

She further told the interviewer that she is expecting the value of Bitcoin to go further low. She has predicted that there is a chance that the current value of Bitcoin will go down by US$ 10,000 to 14,000.

Orman firmly believes that until corporate entities are supporting Bitcoin through their funds, Bitcoin will continue to be a “legitimate investment”. Even if in between this time regulation is implemented, there would not be any major change in Bitcoin, she claimed. She stated that Bitcoin is being adopted worldwide and the youth in the US is in love with it. Neither the world nor the US Government would want to ignore what people like. There has to be a consensus and both sides will have to come to mutual terms with regard to any regulation.

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