Incoming NY Mayor Wants Crypto Taught in Schools

Eric Adams the future Mayor of New York is a big crypto fan. He is also known as a visionary about the cryptocurrency market. It seems that the New NY mayor is working on plans to allow students to study crypto a subject in academic institutes. This would help them navigate the world of cryptocurrency and digital assets.

New York Mayor-elect Eric Adams seems to be increasing his stance in the support of cryptocurrency. He said that it is time for schools to include cryptocurrency into their curriculum. He added that it is future need of society.

During his interview to CNN on Sunday, Eric Adams said that crypto is the future mode of payment. It is a new mode of payment to pay for goods and services worldwide. He further added that it is the responsibility of schools to empower students and help them in making better decision-makers.

Students with a theoretical background of crypto and blockchain would be able to solve the country’s crypto-related issues in the future.

He further added that openness is key. “We must open our schools to teach the technology, to teach this new way of thinking.”

Adam also said that it is surprising that people in government offices are ill aware of cryptocurrency. He was also surprised that young people in society are also ill aware about crypto. Adams said that whenever he talks about blockchain and crypto with young people, they seem totally illiterate about the terms.

The way America as a country has progressed with the cryptocurrency market is exceptional. As of now, the USA as the country has emerged as the global leader when it comes to cryptocurrency. This also comes with responsibility as well. Hence, it is necessary that young generation should be aware of cryptocurrency and blockchain in order to fulfill the country’s requirements and its digital sector to whole new level.

Adams also said that he has plans to encourage New York’s business community to accept cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment. He further added that it is important that New York must remain the hub of innovation. It is important for the traditional business community to integrate with the digital world in order to empower the country’s economy. However, critics have bashed Adams on his statements and vision. Relatively a large number of people have said that Adam’s job description does not include advocating about cryptocurrency.

However, on the other hand, crypto community has welcomed the plans shared by Adams. They further added that there is nothing wrong in teaching cryptocurrencies as the integral part of the curriculum as New York is not the only state that will allow cryptocurrency as the part of the basic curriculum.

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