Normies Go Head-to-Head with Ethereum Whales

The general perception is that through the use of decentralized finance, most commonly known as DeFI movement”, only the whales within the Ethereum network are getting richer and richer while there is no room for the normies. However, these perceptions now needs rectification as many people from the general public are making huge profits. One such person is called Joe, who is a math student at a Canadian University but with the help of his mathematical skills, he has managed to play with the Ethereum network, and resultantly he has made hundreds of thousands of dollars in the year 2020.

Apparently this wasn’t his first breakthrough, said the famous Joe. He has been trading in DeFi within the Ethereum network for over a period of one year. Joe was reported to have said that he is not a whale in the crypto world neither he is a tiny bit closer to it, however, he is one of the top and most frequent user of DeFi and when the concept of DeFi was not clear to many in its initial phase there was less competition which had helped him to make riches.

Joe also said that since the odd-looking DeFi food craze started to emerge, the chances of earning great profits have increased manifold so much so that people who have less technical knowledge too are able to make riches for them.

On the other hand, another YAM user, who is not very much into the system but often conducts few trades said that he liked to play the YAM trading game because relatively it is much easier to play. However interestingly managed to successfully earn about US$ 15,000/- and that too at the cost of US$ 800/- only, which he had paid as transaction fee. He said that he participated in the voting to save YAM and immediately thereafter he dumped his tokens.

Both of the above persons were neither big players in the DeFi system yet the amounts they have successfully earned through the DeFI schemes are notable. According to them, the money they have earned is a life-changing amount.

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