Chicago Blackhawks Releases Its First NFT Collection

The professional hockey team based in the United States, Chicago Blackhawks, has that the first official Non-Fungible Token collection of the team is now available. They are now getting the ERC-721 License for the NFTs and have revealed that part of the tokens will be sold at a fixed base price. Some portions will be sold using the auction process for the highest bidder.

The Sweet Platform will be used to list the collection, while the Amazon Web Services CDN (Content Delivery Network) will be used to host the collection publicly. The Sweet Platform will allow different brands to min the NFTs Collection on its multiple chains. It was, however, revealed that that the architecture of the token supports the Ethereum Mainnet tokens and the Ethereum ERC-721.

The Blackhawks Non-Fungible Token Collection

The content of the collection includes 12 Hockey character cards and about 2,000 digital tickets inspired by the hockey games in the 80s. The collection, however, doesn’t just include digital art but was coupled with physical items and other VIP experiences.

The basic and common side of the collection is the digital tickets with about 2000 minted already. This side of the collection was made to give the general public access to the collection at a fixed price to allow the by-pass of the bidding wars that come with the auction process. The 2,000 digital tickets came in four different editions (500 each), and each of them will be sold at $30 flat.

Furthermore, the fixed price sales will be treated as first come, first serve, but if anyone can cling to all the four editions of the digital tickets, there will be a bonus award of a ‘Golden Ticket.’ Each of these tickets in the four editions is a digital rendition of the one to four games of a hypothetical Stanley Cup Finals.

The reference for this game on the collection reads, “RAISE THE TROPHY!!”. Adding a message that “We really cannot wait to see our amazing fans celebrating on the streets of Chicago yet again.”

For the character cards, there are only 60 of them minted, and they are geared towards the serious NFT collectors. The sales of this section of the NFT Collection will be made through the auction process will the first bidding price fixed at $100. The players available in the characters are fictional player characters that are inspired by the history of the club franchise and also the entire city of Chicago. About six of the player characters in the collection are dressed in red, while others are suited in road whites.

There are five editions of each player available, and the first editions of each of them will contain a unique animated character. In the auction, there will be two captain cards available. And whoever won the first editions of these cards will get real tickets to the club games for the coming season together with the club customized jersey.

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