Bitcoin Win Contest Has Been Set Off Through A Newly Developed Slot Game

As the prices of Bitcoin (BTC) continue to rise, more and more investors are trying to get their hands on Bitcoin (BTC). With the current developments currently taking place in the Bitcoin (BTC) space, it is appearing to be bullish in the long run

The newest slot game has been prompted by Bitcoin games called “The Angry Banker”. The game has been launched with an opportunity of winning 12,000 in a contest.

Bitcoin Games is an online gaming web portal established for hosting games that are capable of allowing players to win and earn Bitcoins. The games can be downloaded mostly on mobile phones operated by Android and iOS systems. There are several Bitcoin games, however, the most prominent ones these days are Demi-Gods II, The Dalai Panda, 3 Charms Crush, Street Magic etc.

Another set of Bitcoin games that are highly played are casino games such as Roulette, Casino Hold’em, Caribbean Stud Poker, etc.

The online Bitcoin gaming portal has recently launched yet another interesting game called “The Angry Banker. Prior to the launch, the developers of the game claimed that The Angry Banker is going to be the biggest slot game ever developed by them.

The theme of the game is somewhat making a mockery of the prevailing banking system and banking transactions. It showcases how Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are changing the course of financial transactions. It also shows how a banker feels when he looks at how quickly and efficiently crypto transactions are executed. The game further describes the feelings of a banker, his anxiety and anger, as he fails to curtail crypto transactions.

The game has been launched with an inbuilt tournament wherein the players would be able to take part. It was reported that players would have an equal opportunity of earning US$12,000 worth of Bitcoins if anyone wins the tournament.

Further details suggested that there would be at least two tournaments per week wherein the prize money is capped at US$ 12,000. The winner, 1st and 3rd runner-ups, will be able to earn cashback @ 50 plus a cash prize of US$ 1000. In the second tournament to take place in the second week, there will be a total of 50 winners taken out from the tournament. It was reported that US$ 2,000 will be distributed amongst each winning player.

The first ever Bitcoin game was launched way back in 2016, however, since then the popularity of Bitcoin games has grown drastically. All the blockchain-based games are powerful games requiring high resolution and advanced operating systems.

The Angry Banker game had garnered quite a support before launch at Twitter and various other social media platforms. The game also hosts the “placing a bet” option as well which can provide an opportunity of winning US$ 60,000. All that is required from a player is to end his run in the game last longer than anyone else and making up to the top of leaderboards. The higher the position at the leaderboards, the bigger the prizes would be earned by the players.

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