A Crypto-NFT Artist to Auction His Work for a Charity Cause

People that have been into the cryptocurrency for a while must fully be aware of Darren Kleine and his work in the crypto-industry. Darren, who goes by his handle ‘DKleine’, is mainly popular for being an NFT artist.

It has been revealed that Darren has one particular niche that is zombies. In a matter of just a few months, the artist has created a number of NFTs just using the general theme of zombies. In the past years, Darren Kleine has gained popularity for sharing his NFT work that includes political zombies, crypto zombies, and mustachioed for the Salvador Dali Zombies.

When asked about his designs of the zombies, Darren Kleine made a very unusual yet bold statement. He stated that for him it does not matter what size or shape the zombie is, if it is green, eats brains, and is dismembered, then the zombie is ripe for tokenization.

It was only a few months ago when Darren Kleine released his first NFT. At first, it was just a quasi-political statement but now, the artist’s NFT has actually matured, becoming the artist’s signature aesthetic.

The first-ever NFT that was released by the artist portrayed a zombified Donald Trump in the year 2040, and still running for the presidency.

Ever since the first NFT was released by Darren Kleine, his artwork amassed a lot of popularity and recognition. Some of the most prominent platforms where his zombie ZFT has made its mark are Known Origin and Open Sea. Both these platforms are known for being prominent marketplaces that are based on blockchain networks.

However, the artist has just made a statement for his followers stating that Christmas is the time of love, peace, and care on earth. Followed by this statement was his announcement for the NFTs that he has created for the Christmas-theme.

Darren Kleine made the announcement on December 12, 2020, that he will be listing the first twelve NFTs that he has created keeping the Christmas-theme in mind. He has also titled the list of the 12 Christmas-themed NFTs as ‘The 12 Days of Zombie Christmas’.

The artist also stated that 80 percent of the proceeds acquired through the sales of these NFTs would go towards children charities. Kleine stated that each one of the 12 NFTs he has created depicts a catchy moment from a classic holiday film.

However, the artist has added his zombie touch in all of the NFTs he has created for the noble cause. He added that all the characters shown in the NFT are either zombies or will soon be converted into one.

It was also revealed that Darren Kleine is currently collaborating with a non-profit outfit known as Giving Block. The focus of their collaboration is to ensure that the charities are able to accept donations through cryptocurrencies. This will ensure that the funds are transferred to charities accurately.

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