Survey Carried Out By JPMorgan Shows Most Institutional Traders Are Not Moved By Crypto

As the investment markets are constantly becoming diversified, investment firms have become too eager to understand the market trends.

There is so much going on in the global trading markets that it is very difficult to understand what the market orientation is. The most difficult and complex part is to know what the investors have in mind.

Most investment firms are not concerned about what the individual investors are after. Although these investors are in millions their investment volume is no match to what the institutions produce.

It is the institutional investors that have the ability to pump and sabotage any trading market. Therefore, investment firms consider it to be extremely important to know exactly what they have in mind.

This way, the investment firms know exactly what they have to offer them and how to keep the money flowing.

JPMorgan’s Survey

JPMorgan is also among the largest multinational firms that are determined to make a difference in the crypto market.

It has a large number of institutional investors who seek the firm’s advice and have invested billions through its platform.

JPMorgan also tapped into the cryptocurrency trading assets as it witnessed a great demand coming in from its investors.

Despite offering its clients what they want, the firm knows that it is important to know their opinion about the trades from time to time.

This is the reason why the investment banking firm carries out multiple surveys to acquire reviews and opinions from investors pertaining to multiple trading assets.

The firm is accustomed to carrying out an annual survey that tends to gather useful information and insights from investors pertaining to cryptocurrencies.

This time, JPMorgan Chase directed its survey toward the institutional investors to know exactly what they are after. The survey was to understand where they stand in terms of crypto adoption.

e-Trading Edit Results

The annual survey JPMorgan Chase carries out to gather information about cryptocurrencies from the clients’ “e-Trading Edit”.

It comes as a surprise for JPMorgan that the opinion of institutional investors has changed a lot when it comes to the adoption of cryptocurrencies.

The change in the mindset could be attributed to the constant decline that was witnessed in the cryptocurrency industry in the year 2022.

Based on the opinions the institutional investors have developed about cryptocurrency trading in the past year, the survey makes predictions for the future.

It tries to understand exactly what institutional investors think of cryptocurrencies and whether they will invest in them or not.

It was on Thursday when the officials at JPMorgan Chase shared the survey results for e-Trading Edit. They confirmed that the particular survey was carried out among institutional investors throughout January.

This means that these are fresh opinions and mindsets coming in directly from the institutional investors. It shows what investors think of cryptocurrencies and how they are going to interact with them in the future.

JPMorgan revealed that the survey results were collected from 60 different locations around the world. A total of 835 institutional investors participated in the survey.

The survey mainly revolved around asking institutional investors whether they were planning to invest in cryptocurrencies in the future or not.

72% of Investors Have No Plans

The survey has confirmed that out of the total participants, 72% of institutional investors have no intentions or plans of investing in cryptocurrencies in the future.

Out of the total participants, 14% participants revealed that they have not invested in cryptocurrencies as of yet. However, they plan on investing in cryptocurrencies but would be in the next five years.

6% of the total institutional investors stated that they have no plans of investing in cryptocurrencies within a year. Only 8% of participants confirmed they started to invest in cryptocurrencies within 12 months.

However, all of the participants confirmed that they have all the intentions of participating in electronic trading activities in the future.

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