How High Cardano Can Go In 2023, Experts Have Shared Their Opinion

On Wednesday 7, 2022 experts were bullish while talking about Cardano’s (ADA) price.

Bulls have predicted that Cardano can stay between $0.3000 and $1.2452. However, the chances are higher that the price may surpass the $1.2452 level to touch the new height of $1.5 soon.

A look at Cardano’s history suggests that the client was initially launched back in 2017.

It was launched as a third-degree cryptocurrency, following the launch of generation one and generation two cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The fact is that Cardano is considered a more accessible, secure, and fast alternative to decentralized cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and others. It is important to mention that Cardano’s ecosystem is constantly rising since the day of its inception.

What is Cardano? A Crypto Token or a Blockchain

Cardano is a decentralized crypto exchange and also the creator of its native token ADA. As far as the availability of the token and the blockchain is concerned, it is available to everyone.

Whether someone wants to use the network or trade with its native token ADA, it is available for them.

Moreover, Cardano is a POS platform that uses the ouroboros agreement process to find the new block. The protocol also intends to give developers a platform on which they can create smart contracts and decentralized apps.

Charles Hoskinson back in 2017 founded Cardano. Hoskinson is one of the co-founding members of Ethereum (ETH).

He is also the CEO of IOHK, which has created the Cardano blockchain.

Cardano’s Technical Properties

As far as the technical attributes of the Cardano are concerned, the Blockchain platform was created using five different phases. It used multi-asset ledgers and verified smart contracts to support all the operations of a decentralized world.

The Analysts Point of View on ADA

On Wednesday 8 December 2022, investors after showing the mixed trend of price in the cryptocurrency market started to argue about the fact that crypto is finally back to a 10x sweet spot.

Analysts have also added that the market can still go into the red zone as the volatile environment is still very strong in the cryptocurrency marketplace.

But the massive change that has now happened is that long-term opportunities seem to be coming back to the market after Bitcoin has retained its value at a $17k resistance level for more than five days.

After the collapse of FTX, this was the first time that any cryptocurrency retained its value.

Some of the active crypto investors have said that the majority of the investors are still ignoring the cryptocurrencies like ADA as they are more inclined towards investing in Bitcoin and Ethereum. This really is a matter of concern for the developers of ADA.

The Current Market Status of Cardano

At the time of this writing, Cardano is being traded at $0.3187, the cryptocurrency’s current market circulation or market capitalization is 33.8 billion ADA.

On the other hand, the cryptocurrency’s 24 hours trade volume is valued at $185 million. If we look at Cardano’s market performance, its price plunged a bit as it experienced a decline of 2.16%.

On the other hand, the most used cryptocurrency exchanges in terms of Cardano’s trade are Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, Bithumb, and KuCoin.

What Does the Price Analysis of Cardano Indicate for The Year 2023?

The recent price analysis conducted by Coin Edition argues that as of now Cardano is ranked as the 9th most valuable cryptocurrency in the world.

Given the current bearish trend, experts have found it hard that the price of Cardano can increase for the first half of 2023.

However, the trend regarding the Cardano prices will become bullish midway through 2023.

The price of ADA by the mid of 2023 has been estimated at around $0.5872 to $0.7. But as of now if the current bearish sentiments for the asset increase a bit more, its price might further go down.

But the investors who are aiming at long-term gains, Cardano is the best currency to invest in right now.

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