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JPY500 Review

JPY500 logoAfter years of researching online trading platforms, I have come to the conclusion that trust is the most important thing that can keep traders with brokers for a long time.

You might think it’s the advancement of the platform or the number of assets, but there are things that play a major role in the longevity of this relationship.

I’m also glad to have found a broker that I think knows how to build trust. You’ll know in great detail about it in this JPY500 review.

While I can discuss all the trading features of this platform, I would like to stick to the factor of trust more than anything.

After that, I’ll let you decide whether or not you would like to open a trading account with it. So, let’s wait no further and get into this JPY500 review.

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Compliance with Industry Policies

Have you heard anything about JPY500 scam reports? Do you have someone in your circle who wouldn’t stop pushing this idea that JPY 500 scam talks are real?

If that’s the case, you want to tell them about how this company adheres to the industry policies and protocols. Let’s begin with KYC, which stands for Know Your Customer, and is designed to protect the interest of the traders.

You provide your personal details while signing up because that allows the broker to create a unique ID in your name. Once created, no one can sign up using your personal details.

The second big thing is the adherence to AML policies. The traders have to give out accurate banking details, the details should match their personal ID information, and they must use the same method for deposit and withdrawal.

I don’t think scam is the right term to use for a company that pays attention to these things for its traders.

Trader Account Monitoring

While you are solely responsible for keeping your passwords safe and private, JPY500 broker hasn’t backed down from its responsibility either.

The company has chosen to implement many clever ways to make sure that even if your trading account gets compromised, you still incur no damage or very little damage.

So, let’s say someone gets to know your account password and tries to sign into it. The truth is that they won’t be able to do it because JPY 500 trading platform uses 2FA authorization for its traders.

You enter a password and then you are required to enter the onetime code the broker sends you on your phone.

Secondly, let’s say someone has still managed to get into your JPY500 trading account. In that case, the company is monitoring your account activity and any unusual activity is reported to you immediately.

You have to confirm that it’s you using the account. If you don’t, the account gets blocked until a confirmation is received from you. That’s a clever way for JPY 500 broker to make its traders’ accounts safe.

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Trader Deposit Security

When you open an account, the next thing you have to do is to make an initial deposit. Whether you are interested in crypto trading or forex trading, you will have to make the deposit according to the account you pick.

The good news is that trading platform treats its crypto trading, forex trading, and stocks trading customers equally. It offers them deposit security through safe methods and segregated funds.

If you look closely, broker has segregated funds for traders to ensure that their funds are safe even if the company becomes liquidated. That’s what makes this broker different from many others.

Final Thoughts

JPY 500 is a great platform regardless of your preferences, providing equal opportunities to those who want to use it for cryptocurrency trading, forex trading, or more.

In my JPY500 review, I have tried to prove to you that this company has built a relationship of trust with its traders. If you agree with the same, would you consider it for trading?

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